What is PUBG? And How To Get On The PUBG Hype Train?

Two years ago, the game Pokémon Go took the world by storm. It became a viral sensation. Also, it seemed like every single person in the world was playing it. Are you one of the few people who did not? Have you regretted that you did not get on the hype train in time? Do not worry. You now get a chance at redemption, by playing PUBG of course!

Player’s Unknown Battleground or PUBG as its most popularly called is an online multiplayer game. PUBG Corporation developed this game. It has been a viral sensation ever since its release.

Now, starting as a newbie in a game already played by so many is intimidating. All those people are already ahead of you in experience and skill. But hey, as they say, it is never too late to start a good thing. Here, we will help you begin in the best way possible. So, the following are some very useful tips and guidelines. They will help you become a master in this game.

Tips and Guidelines

  1. Holster your weapon – Okay, this might sound a bit stupid considering that there are many enemies around. However, holstering your weapon makes your player run faster. The speed will come handy when you try to cover long distances within a short limit. Time is an important factor in this game. So, the more time you have the better.
  2. Learn to use sounds to your advantage – Most other games use sound to just enhance the playing experience. But, PUBG uses sound as a very part of the gameplay. The sound of footsteps of other players helps you find their exact location around you. You can tell if your enemy is nearby or afar. Use this to your advantage to either kill or avoid getting killed.
  3. Pick an isolated place for landing – When you are a newbie, it is ideal to face your enemies one by one. You should not be surrounded by them. If you pick a building in a city, you will definitely be amidst many enemies. So, play safe and choose at the outskirts of the city.
  4. Closed doors do not mean empty buildings – Most players make the most common rookie mistake. They assume that if the door of a building is closed, the building is empty. Maybe that is the case most of the times, but not always. You might just find an enemy waiting to ambush the minute you enter. So, always be extra sure before entering a building.
  5. Run fast as the wind if you get shot – If you get hit, you run. Run until you find cover. You can always look to attack your enemy. But, do it from behind your cover; do not try to attack from open space. It’s an easy way to get killed.

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