Brebis - a fully automated backup checker
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Why do you need a backup checker?

You make backups? That's great! But are they usable?

The very day you will need your backup to restore your infrastructure, are you sure this backup you make three months ago contains the only file you need to restart your production environment? Are you sure this backup is not corrupted? Are you sure you do not store irrelevant or empty files instead of the ones you will need one day?

Brebis is a fully automated backup checker, automatically checking the integrity of your archives and lots of parameters of the files inside these archives and provide detailed reports if unexpected states are detected.

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Current release: 0.10 available at

All the versions of Brebis are available on

Brebis is also available in Debian, Ubunty (Trusty), FreeBSD, Archlinux, Frugalware. Just use your favorite package manager.


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Download the sources

Brebis uses Mercurial for its development. You have a read-only access using the following command:

$ hg clone

A new directory "brebis" with the new files is created in the current directory.


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